Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mac Ads

So I realized this week the ads for Macs shown in the US are different to the ones shown in the UK. Same idea “I’m a Mac,” “and I’m a PC” but using different actors.

I offer you both versions of an ad called "stuffed."

As far as I can tell, only four commercials are copies, the rest are unique to each market. In the UK, many Mac ads lean toward letting us know that Macs do in fact run Microsoft Office, while the US ads have been attacking Windows new Vista operating system. (As a Vista user I have to agree with Apples take, too late to change though).

You Brit types can have all sorts of fun looking at the US ones here:

While you Stateside fellows can see the Brit ones here:

Though I can’t help but post my favorite UK ad, The Naughty Step (incidentaly, the Brit Macad actors star in a sitcom together--great idea to use them).

And my favorite US ad, Counsellor

I didn't post any of the Japanese ones, no idea what they're going on about.